miaowcake asked:

Do you like baking/cooking at all, if so what do you like making, and what's the worst thing that's happened in the kitchen? Also cherry blueberry kiwi :3

I do like baking occasionally. I make lemon and lime cheesecake quite a lot, it’s amazing. Nothing has gone too badly in the kitchen. I tried to make some Scottish tablet once and it did NOT resemble tablet and may have hurt my sisters tooth a little… My mission is to one day make tablet that is yummy :)

Anonymous asked:

Congratz on the move! And just out of curiousity, are you all moving close to each other? And are Ross and Smith moving in with anyone? Or by themselves? (P.S, I like your blog (: )

Thanks! Yeah we will be living close together :)


Anonymous asked:

So does that mean Ross and Smith will be living in separate houses as well?

little-nommer answered:

Yup. Hence the office for work :)



I should also add that it is not due to anything bad that they are not living together. Living and working in the same house obviously gets draining and so an office is a better option for work.

They might take some time to get used to it since they’ve been living together for a while, but knowing them they’ll adapt easily.
At least Trott will have a responsible adult keeping him from doing silly and potentially dangerous things like taping clamps onto his hands or cooking pancakes on metal surfaces in an open fire.

Who told you I was responsible? I guess next to him I look pretty darn good actually