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I dunno if I'm too late for this or not, but I thought I'd send you some fruit :) Grapes (This is proven by the fact that I actually found the fruit post :) ), Oranges, Lemons and Limes

Well done to you for sticking with my blog long enough to find it :D Never too late, thank you very much! Hope I continue to entertain! <3


Survival of the Fittest - Part 4


Summary: When Ross and Alsmiffy get ill while stuck in a freezing Tundra, it’s up to Trottimus to get a mythical cure all flower that may be their only salvation. Simple right? Not really when he has to keep a watchful eye on a “Polar Bear” Huntress that intends to kill and eat him. 

[A Trottimus meets Nommer fic! Lets hope our favorite doctor walrus can get himself out of this mess alive.

Once again this is a short chapter, although shorter then the last one it shows a little bit of progress between the two.]


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