"Ye Old Goon Defence Corps"

So these are very much still WIP, as I’ve been working on these while I’ve been working my freakin’ butt off on my editing, but we got some Jaeger teams up in here! The teams are

  • Blackrock Enforcer: Zooey & Rythian (with friendly Kaiju, Teep)
  • Flux Prophet: Nanosounds & LividCoffee
  • Arctic Avenger: LittleNom & Trottimus
  • Night Striker: Xephos & Lomadia
  • Monster Cockrel: Alsmiffy, Trottimus & Djh3max

Ahhh Arctic Avenger! That’s amazing! :D


Survival of the Fittest - Part 6


Summary: When Ross and Alsmiffy get ill while stuck in a freezing Tundra, it’s up to Trottimus to get a mythical cure all flower that may be their only salvation. Simple right? Not really when he has to keep a watchful eye on a “Polar Bear” Huntress that intends to kill and eat him. 

[A Trottimus meets Nommer fic! Lets hope our favorite doctor walrus can get himself out of this mess alive.]


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