Vote results

I am so disappointed not by the results but by the attitude of the yes voters. I have been called a coward, a traitor and told I don’t have the right to call myself Scottish because I chose no. Disgusting behaviour. I understand that they had a lot of passion for their side and are disappointed but so do the no voters. Throwing insults around is not the way to deal with it. I’ve heard of people deleting others from Facebook because they voted differently. I’m sorry are you 5?

I respect yes and no voters equally but this is horrible to witness.

Sorry, end of rant…maybe…

zozaaaa asked:

If you don't mind me asking, why isn't it that you can't vote? :3 (Sorry if it's too personal)

I can’t vote because I don’t live there. I live in England now. Though English people living in Scotland CAN vote :/ I would have voted had I been able to.